Leaving Singapore

Today I am leaving Singapore.

It is so sad that I will leave even before my friends finish their papers. And we can’t enjoy our freedom together. These past weeks have been so tough for all of us. We had to sit down for hours memorizing subject guide. Or did all those past year papers. We slept only for few hours. And we now have eyebags bigger than our eyes. But I am happy it was over. I will now be enjoying my one-third-year holiday.

Another happy thing, I am going to be in hometown again. It is a very happy thing. I can’t wait our big family will be gathered altogether. Oh yeah, my sister’s engangement is on 19th May. Looking forward for it.


Oh, i am writing this post in Changi Airport. As usual, a very nice and comfortable airport. There are so many shops. I’m going to look around now.

Happy holiday everyone! Wish you enjoy it =)